Career Resources

Resources listed here include self help videos on – looking for work, designing a CV, interview skills and negotiating a salary. There are a series of video’s from Richard Bolles (Author – What Colour is Your Parachute) and John Krumboltz two of the influential figures in the careers field in the past three decades. Subjects discussed include are based around current thinking in work/life directions.This page also includes hyperlinks to websites in NZ and overseas that contain valuable resources to assist you with your future life/work direction.

Career Resources Videos

Website Links

Career advice into sourcing work  (video format)

Hundreds of jobs listed (video format)

Learn About Labour Market Trends

NZ Largest Employment Website

What Colour Is Your Parachute Website

Check Out Salaries

Modern Apprenticeship Scheme

US Department of Labour Occupational data extensive information on jobs

Info on Student Loans & Allowances

Online Assessment Tools
Career Quest Inventory
The Seek Direction Inventory provides you a comprehensive report that identifies a number of key career indicators

– Students, Trainees & Apprenticeships

Volunteering Options Throughout NZ

Books and Articles

I Could Do Anything If I Knew What It Was
Barbara Sher

Integrative Life Planning
Sunny Hansen

Job Winning In NZ
Murray Mclachlan

The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People
Carol Eikleberry

What Colour Is Your Parachute
Richard Bolles