Whats in it for me

Hello - I’m Richard Vernall of Lifeworks 4 Me, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than working with people to achieve what they are truly capable of.
My personal belief is that every individual has unlimited potential to create the life they truly desire. In order for people to reach their potential however, a  key aspect  is to source accurate information about the changing world of work on which they can then make informed decisions. Another aspect of making informed decisions about what one wants out of life is understanding who you really are. The whole career/life/work transition process is like peeling away layers of an onion to get to the core. This process requires alot of  determination - if done without paying attention to the task at hand it can become frustrating,  unfulfilling and the task is often abandoned, however if proper effort is applied the process is very rewarding.  

By accessing the services of LifeWorks 4 Me you will be provided with resources and strategies that allow you to make informed decisions that are so vital when exploring your future. Take time to review the information that has been compiled for you to use while you visit the website. Included on the Resources pages  are a combination of self help and career guidance resources in a video format from experts in the field of career/life/work transitions to assist you in making the right choices. In addition there are a number of hyperlinks to websites in NZ and overseas that provide a range of resources that can assist you in your decision making process.  

The Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions pages will provide  you with information on how Lifeworks 4 Me Ltd operates. On review of the website go to the Contacts page in order to make an appointment or find out more about our services. Do it  now to fast track your future sucess!