“A well developed career development process for your staff lets you tap the wealth of your in-house talent for staffing, promotion and development opportunities by matching the skills experience, and aspirations of individual employees to your enterprise’s existing and future needs. In this way, an effective development process contributes to the realisation of your core company values and principles, especially as it facilitates the development and communication skills of your staff.”

Source - Up Is Not The Only Way - Beverly Kaye 

"In 2018 the staff turnover rate for employees in the first year of employment (a group that made up 40% of the NZ workforce) was 28.4%, a higher rate than that recorded during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 (23%).”

 Staff Turnover Rate 2018 - Lawson Williams Consulting Group. 

To put these figures into context - Approximately 5500 new employees were leaving their job every week in 2018 - a huge cost and risk for employers.

“Employers need to orientate their business planning from the outset to include people with disabilities. They need to think about integration at every turn,training, job design, employment branding, HR- recruitment and staff retention.”

Phil O'Reilly (Former Head of  Business NZ) 26/9/16

Organisational Benefits:

  • The skills of employees are increased in their current jobs, as well as enhancing their ability to adapt to task and technological changes 

  • Employees who see they have a future in the organization are likely to be happier and more committed

  • Employees  are able to grow through new  learning opportunities and challenges they are offered which can potentially result in them staying longer with the company 

  • Talent and skills within the workforce are identified that can be called upon to meet specific company objectives 

  • Employees who feel that their career development is supported by their manager are more likely to respond more willingly to new challenges in the workplace

Staff Benefits:

  • Managers and employees interact more effectively around issues such as  work performance and future opportunities

  • Employees  have a greater understanding of  their  skills and strengths which results in greater transparency in the performance review process

  • Employees have a greater understanding of their personal strengths and areas for development 

  • Employees and managers share more openness about developmental opportunities, personal performance and organizational opportunities 

  • Through learning new skills employees  have a greater awareness of their talents and how they choose to use them within the company setting

Overview of Service:

  • Employment assistance that is tailored to your staffing and business needs  these include - succession planning and outplacement services

  • Assistance with recruitment  of staff and on the job mentoring  (this  service is available on request)

  • Access to professional career consultants for short term contracts  to meet the needs of specific one off projects, company overload and  staffing shortages 

  • Individual or Group  Workshops. Topics covered are based on specific staff needs i.e. staff upskilling, conflict resolution etc.

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.
— Betha Calloway