Career Resources.

Resources listed here include self help videos on – exploring types of work that are of interest to you, designing a CV, writing letters of application, understanding the interview process and networking to find the job that is going to provide you with meaning and purpose. Additional subjects discussed are based on factors such as automation and technology that are influencing the pace of change taking place in workplace today and the skills job seekers will be need in order to compete successfully for tomorrow’s jobs. This page also includes hyperlinks to websites in NZ and overseas that contain valuable resources to assist you with your future life/work direction.

Secondary School Students.

Strategies For Identifying Work That Has Meaning For You.

Education and Training in a Changing World.


Strategies For Identifying Work That Has Meaning For You.

How to write a CV.

How to write a letter of application.

Interview Skills.

Job Search / Business Networking.

Change in the 21st Century Workplace.

Skills Required in the 21st Century.

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